Welcome to the online home of the
Grace Cathedral/Bishop Kemper School for Ministry Library

The Grace Cathedral library shelves are located on the main floor of the Cathedral,
the Bishop Kenper School library shelves are found in the central room of BKSM, on the lower level of the Cathedral.

The Cathedral shelves are open for browsing any time the Cathedral is open. The BKSM shelves are open for browsing on BKSM class weekends.

The library is not accepting donations of books at this time.

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Library Guide
Books and other library materials are shelved using the Library of Congress numbering system,
which arranges them alphabetically by their subject code letters.

Use the online catalogue to search for library materials.

Library of Congress Call Numbers

In the catalog results, the call number will be displayed like this: BS 2593.F47 1985
Some spine labels also display call numbers in this format.

On most books' spine labels, the elements are printed like this:
Call No Spine Label

Some library resources are shelved separately from others like them.
The call numbers for these resources begin with a prefix:

REF for non-circulating reference books; REF books have a yellow-green dot on the spine
PAM for pamphlets: small, thin items that might be easily misplaced; PAM items have a dark green dot on the spine
SpecColl for sets/series of related books;
OS for over-sized books;
PER for periodicals/serial publications, like Anglican Theological Review.

LC Subjects Guide
B (General Philosophy)
BF (Psychology)
BJ (Ethics)
BL (Religion/Mythology)
BM (Judaism) )
BP (Islam, Bahai)
BQ (Buddhism)
BR (Christianity)
BS (Bible)
BT (Doctrinal theology)
BV (Practical theology)
BX (Christian Denominations)

D (History/Old World)
E-F (History/America)
G (Geography, anthropology)
H (Social sciences)
J (Political sciences
K (Law)
L (Education)
M (Music)
N (Fine arts)
P (Philology and literature)
Q (Science)
R (Medicine)
T (Technology)
Z (Bibliography, library science)
Search the GCBKSM Online Catalogue
(Updated 9/22/2022)

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Simple Search with One Word

Try an author's last name, or an important word from a title.


"AND" Search with Two Words

Returns records with both words in record
"John" AND "Smith"

"OR" Search with Two Words

Returns records with either word in record:
"John" OR "Smith"


"XOR" Search with Two Words

Displays records with the first word but excluding those with the second.
(Displays "Smith" records, excluding "John Smith" records.)

Send questions about resources and library use: HELP DESK

The library is not accepting donations of books at this time.